We offer the following notarial services:


  • Powers of Attorney under German law (Generalvollmachten, Grundstücksvollmachten)
  • Witnessing and attesting the execution or signing of a deed or other document
  • Preparing Notarial Certificates (signatures, affidavits, affirmations, declarations, verification of copy documents) for use in Australia and Germany
  • Preparing Declarations and Notarial Certificates (inheritance, renunciation of inheritance, verification of execution of a document)
  • International/overseas certifications (Hague Convention, Apostille)
  • Verification of identity under section 4 German anti-money laundering statute (§4 Geldwäschegesetz - GwG)


If you are not sure whether your concern falls within our area of notarial practice, please still feel free to contact us by email.


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